a man in a cowboy hat holding an acoustic guitar

After a bout with an auto-immune disorder in high school Michael strayed away from music for a few years. However after regaining some normal function, he eased back into the life of live music, playing with a band formed with his family, who called him Bubba.

a bearded man playing an acoustic guitar

In April 2015 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served four years with an infantry unit based out of Hawaii. During his last year in Hawaii, Michael met a gentleman who wanted to form a bluegrass band with him. After a few weeks of practice he decided to get Michael a weekly gig at his son’s restaurant. Once Michael was established there, he was introduced to the local country radio host Dita Holifield. Michael was able and honored to perform the National Anthem at the Hawaii Rodeo that year through Dita and got the chance to perform a song with her band at Whiskey Dix Saloon in Honolulu.

a man walking down a dirt road with a guitar

Michael knew once he got out of the Marine Corps in February 2020 that he wanted to start playing music again as soon as he got home. With Covid-19, and a baby on the way, Michael was unable to get started until halfway through 2021. Michael had one thing to say about this. "With all of the adversity I've dealt with, I’ve faced it with my head held high and I’m ready to take on whatever comes my way in the same manner. I’m now determined to be the musician I was born to be."

michael antonio - bar room preacher